Go-MMT Platform Listing Terms and Conditions

Version: v1


Effective Date: December 29, 2022


Definitions: In these listing terms and conditions:


“Hotel” shall refer to any individual hotel property located in India. Such Hotel may be represented by the owner, or any other person duly authorized by the owner.


“Go-MMT” shall refer collectively to MakeMyTrip (India) Private Limited, a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, with its principal office at 19th Floor, Building No. 5, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon, 122002 including its successors and assigns thereof; and Ibibo Group Private Limited, a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, with its principal office at 19th Floor, Building No. 5, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon, 122002 including its successors and assignees thereof.


Scope and Applicability:


This document contains the terms and conditions, subject to which, a Hotel may list on the Go-MMT platform. The contents of this policy may be updated by Go-MMT from time to time. Such updates shall be applicable from the date such updated policy is made available on the Platform.  The policy forms part and parcel of, and is to be read along with the Listing Agreement executed between the hotel partner and Go-MMT. In the event of any conflict between this policy and the terms and conditions of the Listing Agreement, the terms and conditions of the policy shall prevail.




Any hotel may list itself on the Go-MMT platform at https://in.goibibo.com/accounts/login/?next=/ .




In addition to the criteria mentioned in the Listing Agreement, and the Platform, a hotel must submit the following documents to be listed on the Go-MMT Platform: Account Number, Pan Card, Aadhar Number, GST Certificate and Address Proof.


The list of such documents may be subject to change and shall be periodically updated on the platform. Go-MMT may, at its discretion, verify any of the documents and other details submitted by the hotel.


Where a Hotel has been previously listed on the platform as part of a hotel chain, franchise or group and seeks relisting as an individual Hotel, Go-MMT reserves the right, but is under no obligation, to seek a no-objection certificate from the relevant chain, franchise or group prior to listing such Hotel.


Go-MMT may seek additional documents, representations, warranties and/or may refuse listing where Go-MMT is of the reasonable belief that:

-          Such listing may adversely affect the safety and security of its customers or may adversely impact customer experience of Go-MMT customers; or,

-          Such listing is contrary to applicable law; or,

-          Such listing is fraudulent, malicious, mala fide or is associated with any person or property that has been previously backlisted by Go-MMT.  

Listing Agreement:


A hotel must agree to the terms and conditions of the listing agreement, as updated from time to time, in order to proceed with listing. The listing agreement shall be made available on the Go-MMTs hotel supply Platform. Such listing agreement may be executed between Go-MMT and the hotel electronically.


Any grievance in respect of any of the clauses of the listing agreement may be raised at legal@go-mmt.com.


It is clarified, and the platform shall communicate to each hotel listed on the platform on the Effective Date of this policy at least once, that any obligation on a hotel under the listing agreement to maintain price and room availability parity obligations with respect to other OTAs is waived until further communication, subject to the outcome of Go-MMT’s appeal.


Listing fee: The current listing fee for hotels executing the standard listing agreement is around 20%. Any change in the listing fee and its validity would be updated on the platform. The final listing fee is also subject to the voluntary promotions, offers, schemes etc. that Go-MMT may offer hotels from time to time.  




Hotel Chains, Franchises, Aggregators, etc.


Hotel chains, franchises, aggregators etc. differ greatly. Consequently, the marketing, listing and promotional requirements differ from those of individual Hotels and they have the ability to drive greater efficiencies for Go-MMT as well as Go-MMT’s customers. Accordingly, the universal application of the listing agreement and these listing terms may not be appropriate for such hotel chains, groups and franchises. Accordingly, Hotel chains, Franchises, Aggregators, etc. may, subject to mutual agreement with Go-MMT, have a commercially negotiated agreement with Go-MMT. It is expressly clarified that the non-execution of a commercially negotiated agreement does not prevent access to the Go-MMT platform in any manner. 


Go-MMT shall make reasonable commercial efforts to reach a mutually negotiated agreement with any Hotel Chain, group and/or franchise that expresses a desire to execute such a chain hotels listing agreement, may reach out to Go-MMT at legal@go-mmt.com. Each such agreement shall be negotiated on a case-to-case basis provided that no such agreement shall, in any manner, restrict the listing of any other Hotel, Chain, Franchise, Aggregator, etc.


Listing Fee: The listing fee will for such negotiated agreements is based on a variety of criteria including value of the brand, occupancy rates,  properties associated with the Hotel Chain along with tenure, user demand, marketing spends, location, pricing, promotions, amenities, available alternate properties in the given pricing and amenities segment, quality experience, average customer rating,  number of customer reviews, number of customer ratings, availability and effectiveness of customer relationship staff, period of association with Go-MMT etc. 


Compliance with Applicable Laws:


In addition to the obligations under the Listing Agreement, where required by applicable law, any authority, or where determined appropriate by Go-MMT for any other reason, Go-MMT may request hotel to submit any documents evidencing hotel’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations.   




In the event of any conflict between these listing terms and conditions, and the requirements of any applicable, law, regulation, license, authority or order, the terms of such applicable law, regulation, license, authority or order shall prevail.




Any grievance in respect of these listing terms and conditions, their application, or their contents may be raised with legal@go-mmt.com.